If not now, when?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow; Our life is the creation of our mind." - Buddha

I am often found by the excuse of ‘later’.

"I will go there LATER"

"I will start start that LATER"

"I will finish that… LATER"

But if not now, when?

These words resonate within me deeply. They strategically place un-burdening timeframes on my endeavors. We all have goals, we all have dreams, and we certainly all have plans bigger than our own four walls ~ but at what point do you turn those into reality?

Many days I spent pondering how to grow my passions. I spent endless nights wondering if I would be good enough to teach yoga, much less host knowledge-based workshops, be a spiritual and body movement guide, and grow a passion into a successful business. I kept my ‘unreachable’ dreams a secret. I didn’t want to be judged, I didn’t want to let people down, and I certainly did not want to fail.

I left my job of 5 years for the last time in July of 2019. This was the first real job I held for any amount of time. It was the security of where I gained all my strength and knowledge of the work field and 'adulting', the place that I found light from many hardships, and where I believed I would set my lifelong career for the sole purpose of security. The days following my leave were spent with ill feelings of frustration, stagnancy, and quite frankly just scared shitless for what the days coming were to bring. So I spent my time crying on and off, searching for some big sign pointing to a building saying “now hiring”.


As I mindlessly lay in my bed one evening, I pick up my phone and click on the little blue thumbnail, hoping to find ease to my restlessness. The first photo to pop up is a meme:

“I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved.” signed - The Universe.

The breath was literally taken from my body, and suddenly things started circulating. I was crying again, but these were different kind of tears. I have always been that of one who searches for signs in experiences, and having the sincere comfort knowing that even if I lack understanding at the time - there IS reason for every and all things. This was it.. my sign. Maybe in more words than “now hiring”, but suddenly my restlessness became inspiration. I realized that job was just a job. It was stagnant, as was I. I was suppressing my abilities and aspirations for financial comfort, instead of creating a passion into such.

Waking up the next day was life changing. I was so ready to move into the world. Days later I received the honorable request to manage the studio that my own personal practice grew in. I was offered 2 teaching positions within weeks, in senior communities which I had long hoped to do. I opened my own digital marketing company and was no longer fearing how to put food on my table. I was vibrating WITH the universe, instead of against it and it proved through my opportunities. I began teaching more classes and flourishing, as most of my time was spent in the studio… what a dream come true.

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” - Tony Robbins

I am now embarking on my RYT-300 journey, and one step closer to becoming a yoga therapist. I am spending my days enjoyably planning workshops, exploring how to bridge the gap between nature and yoga in my teachings, and learning more than I ever hoped to have knowledge of!

So in case you were needing one, here is your sign. I’m telling you to GO FOR IT! It doesn’t have to start a business, you don’t have to change the world tomorrow… but take a step. Find a mentor, pick up some carrots instead of chips, or simply just write it down! Become UNCOMFORTABLE and find yourself GROWING. We are too busy trying to figure it all out - but in the end, much like our yoga practice, life is just a big game of practice. There are no end goals, there is no mastering of every level. We are all just here to learn, explore, and live in the moment, for the moment. We all have excuses for one reason or many. May it be that we're fearful of failure, or a timely reason for procrastination. Whatever your reason may be - just stop. Stop convincing yourself that there is any better day than today!

How will you know the outcome if you never take the chance?


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